Simulation for Strength and Durability

In order to achieve the aim of reducing weight for better performance and lower fuel consumption, component engineering of engines and powertrains continues to approach the limits of strength and durability.

AVL EXCITE is a powertrain oriented solution for strength and durability analysis with various modeling depth levels ensuring the optimum balance between simulation effort and accuracy according to stage in the development process.

The solution comprises the whole analysis workflow from dynamic analysis of subsystems and entire powertrains up to stress and fatigue strength evaluation of powertrain components. Outstanding models of lubricated contacts (slider bearings, piston and piston rings) facilitate detailed investigations of the contact behavior, including the prediction of friction and wear.

AVL EXCITE has proven its ability to calculate results close to the real ones in many projects and comparisons with experimental results as well as its universal applicability which ranges from small one-cylinder engines to large diesel ship engines and powertrains.

Key Benefits

  • Real life conditions for precise results
  • Powertrain-oriented solution
  • Multi-level simulation models
  • Whole workflow covered including fatigue strength analysis