AVL Global Legislation Services

AVL offers comprehensive services related to global automotive and industrial regulations and legislative requirements.
These are mainly focused on global emission regulations and related areas like fuel consumption, CO₂ and greenhouse gases.

AVL Solution

AVL keeps you up to date with ever changing emission regulations and provides comprehensive and special tools to support:

  • Research and development
  • Day-to-day business
  • Certification
  • Testing
  • Strategic planning

Long-term forecasts are made available for several types of engines and vehicles:

  • Two and three-wheelers such as motorcycles and scooters
  • Passenger cars and other light-duty vehicles
  • Heavy-duty engines and vehicles
  • Off-road engines and vehicles
  • Stationary engines
  • Tractor engines and vehicles
  • Marine engines for propulsion and auxiliary drive
  • Locomotive engines
  • Hybrids

Based on its long term experience AVL offers a broad range of emission legislation related services such as:

  • Legislation application
  • Certification and homologation
  • Studies on legislative and emission related issues worldwide
  • Air quality surveys

Benefits at a Glance


Our Worldwide Emission Regulations Information Service provides a comprehensive emission legislation database of current and future vehicle and engine emission standards as well as trends in law-making.

AVL EmRep keeps up with ever changing regulations

AVL's long term experience in the application and interpretation of worldwide emission legislation offers well processed information on regulations, proposals and forecasts regarding rule making for exhaust emissions limits, OBD, fuel quality, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions covering about 50 countries around the world and all vehicle and engine applications. AVL's global presence ensures high quality and up-to date information.


Examples of satisfied clients:

Research institutes of car manufacturer
Engine manufacturer
Supplier to the automotive industry
Off-road equipment manufacturer
Large engines manufacturer
Environmental protection agencies
R&D institutes
Motorcycle manufacturer
Small engine manufacturer
Locomotive engine or component manufacturer
Agricultural tractor manufacturer


A demonstration version of the tailpipe emission database is available below.
The demo version allows you to comfortably test the AVL emission legislation database.
It contains only information regarding passenger cars in the European Union.

Emrep Demonstration