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Linking & Framing Statement

1. Links from other Websites to
AVL permits all links which do not alter the content of the website in any way, which keep the source of the contents fully identifiable, and which present the linked AVL website in its entirety. The content of websites containing links to must comply with the applicable laws, especially those regarding competition, copyright, trademark and criminal law. Such websites must not misrepresent the relationship with AVL and the website may only claim that it is supported by AVL provided that AVL's prior consent has been obtained. The AVL logo may only be used with AVL's prior permission. The use of frames to display the content of the AVL website is prohibited. The linking of websites with illegal content is prohibited. AVL reserves all rights in the event that websites are linked which contain material that violates competition, copyright or trademark law or any other illegal content. The linking of websites with offensive, distasteful, obscene or in any way controversial content is prohibited.

2. Links from to other Websites
When links are made from to other websites, the content of the other websites shall not be altered in any way, the sources of the other content shall remain fully identifiable and the linked website shall be represented in its entirety. A new browser window is always opened when third-party content is displayed and framing technology is not used. AVL accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the legality of the content of third-party websites to which AVL creates links. In particular AVL accepts no responsibility for any subsequent alterations made to the content.

3. Publication of Links on
AVL website users may, among other things, publish links to other websites. Such linkLare transferred by means of electronic data transfer. AVL is not in a position to verify the legality of links transmitted in this way or to have any influence over the transfer process. AVL accepts no responsibility for links that become published on the AVL website in this way and which refer to websites that contain illegal, offensive, distasteful, immoral or in any way controversial material. The sole responsibility for such links lies with the user who transmitted the link. AVL reserves all rights in respect of such persons.

Dec. 1st, 2001

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