AVL Dyno Perform1

Load system with eddy current dynamometers

AVL DynoPerform

The AVL DynoPerform Dynamometers are dry gap eddy current dynamometers with a drum rotor design, which are suitable for a wide range of applications.

AVL Approach

EC dynamometers are employed to test the function and endurance of practically every engine component from the development phase to series production (e.g. bearings, belts (fan/timing), catalytic converters, ECUs, exhaust systems, filters, injection systems, lubricants, pistons, piston rings, plugs (glow/spark), pumps, radiators, seals, starters, turbo chargers etc.).

Benefits at a Glance

  • Excellent full-range torque and speed control stability
  • No air gap adjustment required
  • Very fast loading and unloading thanks to an IGBT full bridge power unit
  • High permissible coupling weights
  • The cradle mounting enables an easy calibration of the dynamometer with lever and weights 


The Eddy current dynamometer is a cradled dyno. The reaction force of the brake torque is measured with a strain gauge-based load cell.
The measuring accuracy is influenced by the linearity of the load cell and the hysteresis of the dyno. The torque measuring system is calibrated by a leaver and dead weights. The measuring error of the load cell can be compensated by the measuring amplifier.


  • Steady-state and transient applications
  • R&D for engines and components
  • Tests for fuel and lubrication oil