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AVL Emission Measurement Solutions

AVL offers the complete range of emission test systems for certification, development and series monitoring on engine and chassis dynamometer testbeds.

AVL Approach

AVL offers the complete range of emission test systems for certification, development and series monitoring on engine and chassis dynamometer testbeds. The current iGeneration product line complies with the latest requirements of the global emissions regulations. AVL offers the highest quality products available on the market. Testbed solutions with permanent automation and data analysis that are integrated in the best possible manner provide the basis for the highest possible productivity. AVL particulate measurement technology comprises a wide range of applications. AVL offers test devices for measuring the lowest soot concentrations, for gravimetric measurements and for particle number counting as well as portable devices for in-vehicle testing during R&D and in-use compliance testing. Special conditioning units allow for measurements at high temperatures and pressures in front of filter systems (DPF). These special conditioning units also enable test cycles during high altitude simulations. With the Micro Soot Sensor and the Opacimeter, AVL offers solutions for determining emissions while driving as well.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Complete testbed solutions from one highly experienced supplier
  • Tailored systems for certification and/or development and/or COP (conformity of production)
  • Readiness for the future thanks to the latest technology as well as flexible automation systems
  • Broad, globally installed base with comprehensive know-how
  • Global service support

Market Requirements

The dramatically decreasing emission limits and the increased use of alternative fuels pose great challenges for engine and vehicle developers. On the basis of ever more complex engine and exhaust gas aftertreatment strategies and new requirements, such as the limitation of the particle number or the concentration of NH3, the complexity of testbeds and the requirements for automation systems are increasing dramatically. Along with the currently limited emission components, more and more substances are also measured. These include, for example, nitrogen compounds such as NO, NO2, NH3, N2O, HNCO or aldehyde compounds such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

Further requirements result from the "in-use" and "real driving emissions" legislation which requires checking vehicles during real operation with portable emission measurement systems. The requirements for sampling are increasing as well, for example due to higher emission pressures in front of filter systems or by the need to avoid chemical reactions and deposits during probe gas sampling in emission measurements of SCR systems.

Considering the rising number of measurement parameters as well as the devices and subsystems to be used, the requirements for the operators and for the automation systems are increasing across the board. Nevertheless, the demand for an increase in productivity also has to be met. AVL has optimally prepared its emission measurement technology for these challenges and offers future-proof system solutions in connection with the integrated testbed automation system.

All Products

AVL AMA SLTM Exhaust Measurement System
Slim Line high-end emission bench for engine exhaust gas measurement in research & development as well as certification for all engines and fuel types.

AVL AMA i60 Exhaust Measurement System
High-end emission bench for emission testing focusing on both certification and R&D.

AVL AMA i60 Remote / Stand Alone Unit
Mobile high-end emission bench for emission testing of selected components.

High-end emission certification system for SORE and motorcycle testing, combining an exhaust gas measurement system with a CVS dilution system.

AVL SESAM i60 FT Multi Component Exhaust Measurement System
Multi component exhaust measurement system supporting engine calibration with alternative fuels as well as with new advanced exhaust after-treatment systems like SCR.

AVL HSS i60 Heated Sampling Systems
Highly flexible pre-filter and sample selection module for raw exhaust emission measurements.

AVL CVS i60 Dilution System
Space-saving and cost-efficient full flow dilution system designed for engine and vehicle certification as well as R&D testing.

AVL PSS i60 Particulate Sampler
Full-flow particulate sampler used to collect minute particles in diluted exhaust gas for gravimetric analyses.

AVL Filter Weighing Management
Particulate filter weighing.

AVL Particle Scale
Particle filter management in the weighing process.

AVL iCAL Emission Calibration Devices
The product family includes gas dividers, NOX converter testers as well as CFO (Critical Flow Orifice) and LFE (Laminar Flow Element) devices.

SHED systems for automotive evaporative emission testing.

AVL CanLoad
Canister loading station for automotive evaporative emission testing.

AVL FuelLoad
Fuel cart for fuel conditioning automotive evaporative emission testing.

AVL Smart Sampler
Partial flow dilution system used for certification of engines in gravimetric particulate matter sampling from combustion engines.

MSSplusAVL Micro Soot Sensor
System for continuous measurement of lowest soot concentration in the diluted exhaust from IC engines.

APCplus - AVL Particle Counter
Measures the non-volatile particle number concentrations of engine exhaust gas.

AVL Particle Generator
Generates combustion aerosol for on-site quality checks of advanced particle measurement devices.

AVL Smoke Meter
Filter-type smoke meter for measuring the soot content in the exhaust of diesel and related internal combustion engines.

AVL Opacimeter
Dynamic partial-flow measuring instrument for the continuous measurement of exhaust gas opacity.

AVL On-the-Road-Opacimeter
Pressure-filled and compact partial-flow Opacimeter for measurement of the smoke density on board a vehicle.