Snow Simulation with PreonLab

News from AVL’s Virtual Vehicle Development

Snow accumulation can significantly impact a vehicle’s functionality. Harm to the sensor surface or camera lens impairs driving assistance systems, affecting overall safety. Blockage of air intake systems can lead to air conditioning failure and even impact engine functionality. Climatic wind tunnel experiments are expensive and don’t adequately reproduce real-world road and weather conditions. The SPH simulation tool PreonLab predicts snow accumulation and simulates different snow types and conditions. A virtual testing environment, it optimizes vehicle model designs and sensor locations, helping prevent snow accumulation.

While the claim that Inuit languages have over a thousand words for snow may not be true, there certainly are many types of it – all of which could influence your design decisions regarding the positioning of sensors and how they are exposed in the surrounding parts. That’s where PreonLab comes in. It simulates different types of snow and conditions. The software’s newest release introduces various presets for these types of snow, which can help you decide on a specific behavior of the snow you are about to model.