KPIs for Model Result Assessment

News from AVL Virtual System Development

In order to assess the impact of a particular powertrain technology and architecture, it is important to focus on performance, driveability and energy consumption early in the development process and to design the vehicle according to the characteristics demanded by the end user.

AVL CRUISE™ M offers a simulation solution that is tailored for your powertrain concept by allowing you to adjust the powertrain architecture without layout restrictions. For all these architectures and design variants, you can perform individual driving maneuvers like full-load acceleration, elasticity and driving cycles as well as assess key results. To facilitate this, we have recently introduced a new set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This new KPI component allows engineers to assemble arbitrary user-defined KPIs. These use values obtained via data bus channels in combination with evaluation operations.

When setting up DoE or optimization simulations users will also benefit from such scalar results. You can pick them directly as design responses to shorten the setup of design variation studies. This allows engineers to assess model results more easily than before.