Control Units TI

Control Units

AVL offers a high quality development service for 12 V and 24 V controls units covering a wide variety from simple up to high complex automotive and automotive related systems. These control units support all common voltage levels from 12 V, 24 V through 48 V up to 800 V.

AVL Approach

All electronics are developed according to automotive standards and the respective functional safety requirements. The electronic hardware development works closely together with:

  • Controls development
  • Base engine design
  • Combustion design
  • Energy storage and transmission
  • Electric powertrain development
  • Functional safety
  • EMC simulation
  • Mechanical design
  • Innovative semiconductor suppliers

From March, 2014, Infineon and AVL have offered the Preferred Design House partnership for the Infineon Aurix Microcontroller and peripheral Infineon components. For Classic or Premium Support, please use the following e-mail address:

Customer Benefits

  • Independent solutions for prototype and production powertrains
  • Modular electronic hardware development based on proven and existing modules
  • Matched and aligned proven algorithms from AVL's control development
  • Robust electronic design and cost efficiency by using atomized electronic hardware test systems
  • High quality development focus and judgment while having strict controls quality gate integrated into the development process
  • Well-tailored solutions
  • Cost efficient solutions
  • Leading edge technology
  • Front loaded and seamless development approach
  • Process and supplier management on demand



AVL performed innovative automotive and automotive related projects to develop electronic control unit systems in combustion engines, hybrid and electric powertrains. The portfolio contains the development of:

  • Inverter control units
  • Transmission control units
  • Engine control units
  • Vehicle control units
  • Hybrid control units
  • Alternative fuel control units
  • Battery control units
  • Sensor and actuator control units
  • Gateway control units
  • Control units for inductive and classical charging systems