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AVL at the Geneva Motor Show - Driving Electrically: "AVL Pure Range Extender" for Electric Vehicles

As a current topic, electric and hybrid cars are one of the main focuses of the 80th Geneva Motor Show: With an innovation of AVL, the "AVL Pure Range Extender", it is possible to extend the range of electric vehicles and reduce battery sizes as well as costs. Strengths of the "AVL Pure Range Extender" are its vibration-free, quiet running, the small dimensions and the extremely low weight.

The AVL Pure Range Extender is a very compact solution with a Wankel engine with an integrated generator, especially developed for this application. If required, it generates power and thus provides electric vehicles with an additional range. Simultaneously, the battery pack can be clearly scaled down according to the daily range demand of a purely electric city vehicle, which considering the current battery costs has a positive effect on the acquisition costs of an electric car.

"AVL Pure Range Extender" is a Pioneer for Electric Vehicles

At the Geneva Motor Show, Audi presents the Audi A1 e-tron, a concept car, which uses an "AVL Pure Range Extender". In city traffic, the A1 e-tron drives purely electrically. If necessary, the "AVL Pure Range Extender" recharges the battery and increases the range. Thus, the Range Extender is a pioneer for the market launch of electric vehicles.

AVL is the world's largest privately owned company for development of powertrains (combustion engines, hybrid systems, electric drive) as well as simulation and test systems for passenger cars, trucks and marine engines. The high-tech company AVL employs 4.500 people worldwide. Turnover in 2008 was 740 million Euro.


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