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Press Release: AVL FIRE™ M – Taking 3D CFD to the Next Level

AVL’s simulation platform AVL FIRE™ M adds new dimensions to computational flow simulation. It opens up an entirely new range of possibilities in pre-processing, main-program and post-processing and features the AVL simulation desktop as a user environment. As a result, simulation feedback is now delivered to users more efficiently than ever before, leading to significantly shortened product development times.

AVL FIRE™ has been a well-established simulation solution in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for many years. In order to deliver application-specific answers and to meet the numerous challenges engineers face today, AVL has now taken CFD to the next level by launching AVL FIRE™ M. The new software provides faster model generation, shorter simulation times, significantly improved product functionality, higher result quality and more efficient data visualization and analysis capabilities.

Versatile, user-friendly CFD solution with an optimum price/performance ratio

AVL FIRE™ M offers many advantages. They include exceptionally user-friendly operation thanks to the new software architecture, shorter throughput times and more precise results. The software is specifically designed to generate and calculate multi-domain models. By accessing the AVL property database, material properties can be assigned to the individual domains quickly and conveniently. Data pooling and model- parameterization support the efficient execution of a large number of variants. Calculation results are displayed multi-dimensionally, meeting the specific needs of engineers. Cause and effect of fluid phenomena are evaluated fast and precisely, no matter how complex the geometries.

With an optimal price/performance ratio AVL FIRE™ M is an ideal 3D CFD solution to investigate the growing number of design parameters in standard applications. Its ease of use and high level of automation allow also non- simulation experts easy access to CFD. To experience the benefits of the new CFD software today, please download AVL FIRE™ M at

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing technology of powertrains (hybrid, combustion engines, transmission, electric drive, batteries and software) for passenger cars, trucks and large engines. AVL has more than 7,470 employees all over the world. In 2014, sales revenues reached EUR 1.15 billion.