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Press Release: Cutting-edge ADAS Development at AVL

Safety and customer acceptance are major aspects of advanced driver systems (in short ADAS). Factors such as testing and validation requirements, as well as system safety will be of paramount importance for the next generations of autonomous driving. As a well-established partner to the international passenger car and commercial vehicle industry, high-tech company AVL provides services, tools and testing environments for enhanced efficiency in the development of advanced driver assistance systems.

The common taxonomy for automated driving defines six levels that span from the simple provision of information (Level 0) all the way to autonomous driving without a driver (Level 5). With each further level of automation – coupled with the diversity of possible scenarios – the requirements become increasingly complex. Software algorithms, for example, have to be made smarter and more "human-like" to be able to analyze situations correctly and react to them accordingly. For quality assurance purposes, and to ensure the failsafe functioning of the designed advanced driver assistance systems, AVL relies on in-depth simulation expertise, which allows a successive shift of testing to the virtual world framework. This gives the experts a time-efficient and flexible way to assess the systems over millions of kilometers and in all scenarios imaginable.

Perceived safety, reliability as well as comfort are crucial to the market success of automated- driving features. AVL has developed special technologies dedicated to the objective assessment of such attributes. Being neutral where its component suppliers are concerned, AVL is open to a vast diversity of system architectures and sensor capabilities. This puts AVL in a position to tune its expertise to the needs of its customers and so deliver the best possible and most cost-effective solution for the specific task at hand. Customers receive support from an early phase onward, throughout every single development stage right up to the market launch of the finished product.

Flexible solutions for different suppliers
For more than ten years AVL has been supporting a variety of vehicle manufacturers in the series development of safe and reliable driver assistance functions that meet the exact complex requirements and high standards of OEMs in every phase of vehicle development. Additionally, the company is provided with its own generic module-based software and control environments to cover all levels of automation. These allow AVL to provide flexible solutions for components and systems of different suppliers, ranging from feasibility studies and the development of progressive algorithms and simulations all the way to concept demonstrations in vehicles.

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing technology of powertrains (hybrid, combustion engines, transmission, electric drive, batteries and software) for passenger cars, trucks and large engines. AVL has more than 8,600 employees all over the world. In 2016, sales revenues reached EUR 1.4 billion.