Pressure sensor for combustion analysis

Sensor ZI22

The industry benchmark in M10 spark plug sensors

The AVL sensor ZI22 is a spark plug with an integrated pressure sensor, designed for research and development tasks in spark plug bores. Its spark function has an electric strength of 45 kV.

This M10-size combustion pressure sensor has a new design with only minimal eccentricity at the center electrode. This allows the ignition to behave in nearly the same way as the original spark plug.

An increased diameter of the ceramic parts, manufactured by Bosch, maximizes the electric insulation. Combined with a new sensor membrane design, it results in impressive measurement performance and the highest level of reliability.

This robust AVL pressure measurement solution can also be equipped with a sensor identification cable (SIC) for sensor data management (SDM). The outcome is a reliable and accurate indicating sensor.

Scope of Supply

  • Sensor ZI22
  • Piezo-input cable CI33-1
  • Coupling CC41
  • Gasket SG32
  • Accessory kit (protection cap + 2 spare O-rings)
  • Calibration sheet
  • Documentation

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