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Optimize your workflow


Centralized calibration gas management

The traceability of emission measurement results is more important than ever. This is due to factors such as increasingly stringent global emission regulations placing greater demands on testing and validation. In order to facilitate this traceability, it is fundamental that OEMs employ processes for the strict management of operation and calibration gases.

AVL CALGAS™ is a centralized solution for the management of gas bottles in all gas storage rooms in the test field. It optimizes the use of calibration gases throughout the workflow, managing complexity and driving down costs.

A Multi-Feature Solution

Our innovative and user-friendly calibration gas manager automatically transfers gas parameters to emission measurement devices and emission automation systems. This protects data integrity and promotes robust results in the test field.

CALGAS features intelligent gas bottle management, including fill level and expiration date monitoring. Significant cost savings are achieved as a result of optimizing gas stocks and reducing wastage.

The system maximizes the number of valid tests thanks to a gas bottle locking mechanism and automated gas line purging. And with push notifications driving maximized operating efficiency, CALGAS further enables you to drive precision and robustness in your development workflow.

CALGAS Benefits at a Glance

AVL CALGAS™ is a simple, user-friendly system for managing your calibration gases. It helps to ensure that targets for emission reduction are met, ensuring compliance with global legislation. Its seamless integration into the development brings a range of benefits to the testing and validation workflow.

Its benefits include:

  • Automated gas line purging for reliable test conditions
  • Push notifications for optimized operating efficiency
  • Centralized solution enables easy management of all calibration gases
  • Transfer of gas parameters to measurement devices and automation systems provides traceable test results
  • Fill level and expiration date monitoring drives down costs
  • Gas bottle locking maximizes number of valid tests