Product definition based on market and technology expertise to foster successful products

Product Portfolio Management

Product portfolio management is driven by the increase of globalized companies and related businesses. Developing new products for new or already existing markets always comes with various uncertainties. AVL's case studies are based on market and technology assessments to maximize the likelihood for our clients' product success. In addition, the client's R&D resources benefit from AVL's vast engineering experience and expertise.

AVL Approach

Product Specification is one of the very essential fundaments for all subsequent steps in the complete development process. In order to reduce development time and cost a well-balanced product specification is crucial right at the beginning. In this early step major decisions are taken which have a high impact on the future market success of products.
Working on a project with AVL‘s Product Portfolio Management Team, customers can focus on their core strengths and experiences. AVL's engineers will provide an additional view on technical details, whilst the Product Portfolio Management Team covers market, application and customer related topics. With this decisive strategy support AVL can foster finding the optimum product specification for different kinds of future powertrains.

Benefits at a Glance

AVL Product Portfolio Management services support the identification of the most reasonable technology paths and scenarios. The core of the services is the decisive focus on the customer and its usage profiles of the final product (e.g. commercial vehicles) resulting in specific customer requirements. Based on these customer needs, individual market forecasts and technology trends a concerted product definition is set.
AVL‘s Product Portfolio Management Services bundle the comprehensive powertrain expertise in development, simulation and testing for investigating the individual customer request. The consulting approach covers combustion engines, transmissions, electric drives, batteries and software. AVL's global network guarantees in-depth knowledge of all major on- and off-road markets and its players.
The biggest advantage of performing such projects is the close cooperation between the customer and several AVL divisions, including AVL's worldwide affiliates, which provide local market experience. 

Services overview

  • Definition of target markets
  • Identification of specific customer requirements
  • Translation of market requirements into driveline and vehicle functionality
  • Definition of component and (sub) system requirements and target values
  • Future trends analysis for markets, applications and technology
  • Competitor analysis, benchmarking and positioning
  • Systematic specification of system functionality (HW & SW)
  • Evaluation of possible technology routes and product family aspects
  • Final definition of future product portfolios
  • Target pricing and manufacturing cost evaluation
  • Business case evaluation

Market Requirements

  • Growing demand to engage in conceptual management issues
  • AVL's global network guarantees in-depth knowledge of major local markets
  • Consulting streamlines the knowledge of AVL's 6,500 experienced employees
  • AVL‘s Product Portfolio Management Services can cover all major on- and off-road applications
  • AVL's Emission Report Team assures the most actual information on legislative issues
  • AVL's competence covers the development, simulation and testing of all powertrain elements including combustion engine, transmission, electric drive, batteries and software


AVL offers Product Portfolio Management services combining in-depth market, application and technology know-how. Detailed market analyses and profound expertise on applications as well as future technologies facilitate the definition of reasonable - efficient and effective - products. This ensures a clear focus on the most attractive target markets, specific application needs and fosters a higher product success on the market: