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Vehicle Simulation Tool Chain

AVL offers a high-end simulation and analysis tool-chain consisting of three main cornerstones: VSM, DRIVE Race and Optimizer.

Powertrain Design Racing

The race does not wait until the car is ready - high performance products, continuous improvements and extreme time pressures are fundamental challenges in motorsports. Based on our long history of technology leadership for powertrain engineering, testing and simulation, AVL Design masters these challenges on the basis of a strong backbone organization that enables the setup of a multidisciplinary, autarchic and creative experts team that operates with the utmost confidentiality.

Formula-E testing and engineering services

There are significant changes on the horizon for the landscape of motorsports, from the upcoming 2021 F1 power unit regulations, to the uncertain future of the WEC LMP1-H class or a fully autonomous race series. Formula E and the rise of electrical energy has opened up a new level of freedom for innovation. This shift towards electric power has added another layer of demands to an already increasing complexity within the sport and entertainment business. The emergence of hybrid and electric powertrains is here to stay whether we like it or not, but this change also presents an opportunity to learn from the past and generate a better product for the future. We at AVL RACING are taking pride in being able to support these changes through continuous innovation and improvement of our comprehensive portfolio.

AVL RACING Driving Simulator

The AVL RACING Driving Simulator prepares you to become a better driver in a realistic and professional environment with cutting-edge vehicle simulation and track models. This solution facilitates gaining experience in a safe and F1 proven environment in order to gain advantage over your competition through best preparation available.

Angle Encoder 366C

The angle encoder 366C is designed for the acquisition of angle marks on a rotating shaft, which are then transferred via fibre optical cable and are then assigned to rapidly changing measured values. The absolute angular position is also an output value.