AVL Reliability Engineering and Risk Management

Reliability is a key characteristic that significantly influences the economic success of a product. The AVL reliability process includes innovative reliability methods, risk management and product safety methods.

Products & Services

Reliability is a key characteristic, which significantly influences the economic success of an agricultural machine. The reliability of products is especially essential for success in the agricultural industry. To ensure the right product quality, a permanent risk management system is needed across the complete development process.
The verification, calibration and validation of a new tractor are considered to be extremely important. Verification of the functionality and the durability during development and the validation whether a new developed product fulfills the needs and the expectations of the customer is a vital aspect in the development of every single product worldwide.
AVL offers support for suitable and efficient methods for the validation of vehicle battery systems across their entire lifetime.
AVL has broad gas engine competence with high synergetic know-how from passenger car and large engine applications and is therefore able to offer different solutions – from spark ignited stoichiometric combustion concepts to lean burn spark ignited gas engine concepts as well as dual fuel engine concepts with port fuel injection and also concepts with gas high pressure direct injection (HPDI) technology.