E-Motion Inverted

AVL Power Electronics Test Systems

Develop, test and validate power inverters

Develop, Test and Validate Power Inverters

As a powertrain expert AVL provides a flexible and precise environment for the development, test and validation of inverters. Our test systems offer a range of voltages and currents that combine with innovative software tools to emulate real-world test conditions.

The e-motor, its rotor sensor position and the battery are all emulated. The test environment can be used to test power inverters and AC/DC charging equipment for start-stop, mild/full hybrid, and full electric vehicles. It covers a broad range of applications, such as hardware and software development, endurance testing and fault simulation.

Further Benefits

  • Test results are quick and easily available
  • Validate maps even under failure scenarios
  • Flexible, easy-to-use and configurable automation system
  • High reproducibility of AC and DC load cycles
  • Energy-efficient test system thanks to power recovery
  • Suitable for deployment in the laboratory
  • Flexible, high-precision testing environment