The race for electrification


Optimizing electric system performance for winning results

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) are experiencing a major breakthrough, not only on the road but also on the racetrack. The challenge is to not only look at single components but at the whole system, and manage the energy flows, thermal management and vehicle driveability accordingly.

In high performance race applications, BEV development faces new challenges. Improving lap times by optimizing the system and its cross influences is an area where our vast experience offers winning results.

High Performance Hardware Development

At AVL RACING we support the development, testing and certification of battery packs that are tailored to your specific needs. Utilizing our vehicle dynamics tool VSM, we apply our vehicle dynamics simulation expertise to understand the mutual influence and sensitivities of a range of factors. These are:

  • Battery capacity
  • Driving range
  • Weight
  • Recuperation power
  • Battery temperature
  • Lap time
  • Vehicle handling


Once the component specifications and configurations have been defined, the AVL energy solver helps you derive the lifting and regen points for the quickest lap time. We conduct this under a range of boundary conditions, such as variations of regen power, energy consumption, lap time and battery derating. You can carry out this optimization with real car data or simulation data.

You can apply the solutions which come from the energy solver at the AVL driving simulator. This can be done either with the real driver in the loop, or with the real driver plus a real or simulated ECU in the loop.


Understanding Brake Torque

Battery Electric Vehicles improve their efficiency by recuperating energy from braking, which leads to brake temperatures varying considerably. So, it’s important for you to have a thorough understanding of the parameters that influence brake torque and brake torque distribution. This is a critical factor for vehicle stability during braking. For this specific use, AVL RACING also equips you with the new piezoelectric brake torque sensor.

We offer single corner brake tests as well as full vehicle tests with the real brake system at our high-performance testbed. This provides you with the insights you need to optimize your brake system and achieve optimal performance and lap times.