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AVL M.O.V.E PN PEMS iS 10 and AVL M.O.V.E PN PEMS iS Selectable

Portable emission measurement systems for 10 nm particle number testing

Real Driving Emission (RDE) requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. Now even more if they include a solid PN measurement methodology with a cut-off size at approximately 10 nm. This leads to greater complexity and increased test effort for powertrain and aftertreatment system development.

This is why we need to implement well-engineered portable emission measurement systems (PEMS) that help manage this complexity. They must feature a compact, modular and robust design that is easy to install. Furthermore, such equipment must function reliably and precisely, even under the harshest environmental conditions.

Electrical Particle Counter Sensor

The AVL M.O.V.E PN PEMS iS 10 and AVL M.O.V.E PN PEMS iS Selectable use Electrical Particle Counter (EPC) technology, based on the Advanced Diffusion Charger (aDC) principle, which directly correlates to the particle number. This enables simplified device operation and ensures precise and reproducible testing with the following key device features:

  • Unique 10 or 23 nm testing flexibility to cover all possible light-duty RDE emission market needs
  • Outstanding robustness against a range of movements and extended environmental conditions (–10 … 45 °C, up to 3,000 m)
  • Highest long-term sensor stability based on the unique continuous zero-point monitoring
  • Advanced accuracy and highest repeatability are ensured by a wide linear sensor measurement range and a low dilution rate
  • Optimized operating costs due to a low maintenance effort based on an “operating fluid-free” measurement principle

AVL M.O.V.E PN PEMS iS 10 and AVL M.O.V.E PN PEMS iS Selectable are fully compliant with future RDE requirements in terms of hardware, functionality, calibration and PN correlation. Rugged and reliable, it features outstanding robustness against vibrations, shocks, tilting, vehicle acceleration and extending environmental conditions. This commitment to quality secures its place as a market-leading PEMS solution.

The New Standard for Onboard Measurement

As emission legislation continually evolves, vehicle development must keep pace. Tools such as AVL M.O.V.E PN PEMS iS 10 Selectable underline our commitment to ensuring our customers meet their obligations around the world, thus keeping high flexibility.

Thanks to its wide sensor measurement range and low required dilution rate, it delivers the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. This level of precision aids compliance with the most demanding global legislation.