Large Engines

AVL aims to be the industry's preferred partner throughout the entire life cycle of large engine products – from strategy all the way through to production and field operation.

In the current very competitive economic environment, large engines must perfectly match the customer's needs:

  • Compliance with forthcoming emission regulations at low fuel consumptions
  • Multiple application environment
  • Strategic fit to the customer‘s profile and to its business objectives
  • Optimum performance at targeted cost and reliability standards
  • Design aligned to the OEM manufacturing resources
  • Technical solutions leverage the accessing supply chain
  • Operation and maintenance practices

AVL Approach

AVL offers solutions, products and support from feasibility studies via advanced simulation, design and development, testing and validation, all the way up to system integration and field support:

  • Strategic services: developing the product/market strategy
  • Feasibility study: technology selection, basic identification, cost evaluation, risk assessment
  • Design and development: from advanced simulation to comprehensive product design
  • Establishment of manufacturing structures and development of the supply base
  • Support in sourcing and QA for components and subsystems
  • Prototype building support
  • Testing and validation: from component testing to engine testing and optimization, from field validation to full production release
  • System integration: integration of engine with aftertreatment and complete power systems
  • Enhancement of existing products for new applications or for performance improvements
  • Product support: field support, troubleshooting, emission reduction, performance improvements and adaptation for new applications

Benefits at a Glance

  • Specialist engineering expertise for large engines for Diesel, Gas and alternative fuels
  • World-class product design tailored to the performance and business goals
  • Shorter overall development time and fewer test cycles through advanced simulation and an optimized development process
  • Proven validation for high accuracy and confidence
  • Broad experience in the testing of reciprocating engines
  • Competitive product with a clear USP through highly innovative technologies
  • Efficient alignment of the product design to manufacturing and supply requirements
  • Assurance of optimized, reliable and safe engine and installation operation
  • Support throughout the product life cycle
  • Extension of product‘s usable life through problem resolution and/or upgrades
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Accurate and efficient problem investigation and practical solutions
  • Confidentiality in dealing with field problems

Market Requirements

Large Engines designed and developed by AVL are used for applications in ships, power stations, locomotives and mining trucks.

AVL Strengths

Being involved in LE development programs with all the major LE manufacturers and the supplying industries worldwide, AVL has the competence to provide precisely tailored solutions and leading edge technology for their clients.

  • Leading development competence for diesel and gas engines
  • Advanced virtual product development methodology
  • Solutions guided by seamless simulation workflows on the basis of an interactive and integrated simulation tool chain
  • AVL proprietary development process insuring shortest possible time to market
  • Technology expertise from thermodynamics and combustion to structures, noise and vibrations all the way through to complete systems
  • Close cooperation and team building with customers through AVL's worldwide presence
  • AVL Single Cylinder Engine System (SCE) a unique development platform with high modularity and flexibility in a wide range of parameters for technology evaluation, combustion development, performance assessment and component validation
  • Testing facilities for multi-cylinder engines
  • AVL EPOS™ – open diagnosis system for monitoring the operation of large combustion engines and their auxiliary systems in the field


Due to specialist engineering expertise for large engines, AVL has set trends and played a major role in the development of more than 140 large engines for Diesel, and Gas fuels as well as for Dual Fuel operation.

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