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Data Management Solution Data.CONNECT™

A highly standardized and modular data management solution

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Within the current automotive landscape, developing a growing number of propulsion systems and variants has become increasingly more complex. Regardless of this complexity, a shorter time frame is available for the vehicle development. Data produced during validation, and verification has risen immensely. New regulations are in place for the traceability of data, product liability and the handling of large volumes of data. Therefore, big data has become key.

Modular Data Management

Data.CONNECT™ is AVL’s modular data management solution. We created this for harmonized data, integration, search, exploration, and automated processing. This meets the challenges of today and the new ones that may arise in future. Wherever the data is generated, the system stores heterogenous data in a consistent, synchronized manner and transforms it for advanced analytics purposes. It can logically connect data from various sources, which enables a harmonized data view.

In accordance with industry standards like ASAM ODS, Data.CONNECT is also open for third party systems. This solution leads to high quality data, reduced time-to-market and highly effective testing. Our offer is available as a standardized modules, yet we also offer business analysis, consulting and custom projects if the defined standards are not meeting customer´s requirements.

Key Benefits


  • Standardized modules and individual offerings
  • Open data management platform for AVL and third-party data
  • Upselling options providing added value for Puma2Share users
  • Fast search within indexed measurement and process data
  • Automated processing for server-based data evaluation
  • Ready for advanced analytics
  • Enterprise IT ready


Upgrade opportunity for AVL PUMA 2™ Share
Are you interested in an immediate increase in efficiency in your test field data management? If you are using PUMA 2™ Share versions R3 and higher at a single location, you now have the opportunity to extend your system capability with our Data.CONNECT™ software modules: INTEGRATE, AUTOMATE, LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT/ARCHIVING, DATABRIDGE, QUANTITY MANAGEMENT.
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