SET Schrank-Einzeln

Test and Validate

AVL E-Motor Emulator e-ME

The AVL e-Motor Emulator allows inverter and power electronic testing using a precise E-motor model coupled with fast and accurate power electronics – a "pHiL" (Power Hardware in the Loop).

This system is optimized for testing inverters during design, verification and production phases under real environmental conditions.  A wide range of fault stimulations are also possible so that the error behavior and monitoring of the inverter can be checked as well. The testing of the valuable (often prototype) specimens are performed under controlled conditions to prevent damage as much as possible.

AVL Approach

The AVL e-ME is designed to be used for analysis, characterization, verification, validation and quality assurance test of traction inverters. The core of the e-ME consists of a precise motor emulation system which perfectly mimics the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the e-machine model.  The system operates at the high frequencies required for proper e-motor emulation and delivers class leading results.