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Data Management Software Solution AVL SANTORIN MX2™

Integration and harmonization of heterogeneous data sources for next level data processing

Developing and securing a growing number of vehicle variants with increasing complexity in a short time-to-market generates a vast amount of data. Managing this data, getting the most value from it, and meeting new regulations for traceability and product liability are some of the challenges for the automotive industry.

That’s why we created AVL SANTORIN MX 2. This intelligent data management solution meets the challenges of today and tomorrow with harmonized data integration, search, exploration and processing. Storing and qualifying heterogenous data in a consistent and synchronized way, it reduces data siloes and logically connects data from a variety of sources to create a harmonized view.

A unified and intelligent data integration platform, it is ASAM ODS compliant, which allows it to be used with third-party systems and enables revision safety and traceability. Promoting data quality, time savings and productivity, it employs quick, unified navigation, and open provision of data. Additional features include standardized, efficient and automated server-based data processing and reporting.

AVL SANTORIN MX 2 Key Features
The features of SANTORIN MX 2 are structured around four components:

This AVL solution features a structured view, with quick search and data exploration tools within its AVL SANTORIN MX 2 – Navigator functionality. Measurement data and meta data from both AVL and non-AVL test systems and devices can be explored and provisioned for server post processing.

SANTORIN MX 2 features advanced system administration tools combined with data lifecycle management. Batch-based data cleaning and archiving, data integration management and surveillance, and user and role management are all covered by this component.

Combining data management with server-based data processing to convert measurements
into results, SANTORIN MX 2 works best with AVL CONCERTO 5 but can also be used with any Asam Ods compliant evaluation tool.

The platform boasts powerful tools for the intelligent integration, harmonization and transformation of heterogeneous data sources. With norm name mapping and ATF(X) file conversion, domain-specific database schema on a single database and ASAM ODS mixed-mode handling, this AVL solution is both capable and comprehensive.