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A new generation of particle counter from AVL

Emission reduction is one of the biggest drivers of innovation in the automotive industry. AVL Particle Counter xApp™ is the latest product to enrich our portfolio, bringing together all of our particle counting know-how into a single product.

It is a compact and flexible device for the reliable and accurate measurement of non-volatile particle number concentrations. We have designed it to help you calibrate and test your systems, replicating a variety of extreme conditions, to ensure you meet global emissions standards.

Versatile Emission PN Measurement

APC xApp is available in three different configurations, suited to different applications. Measuring diluted exhaust gas, it supports OEMs aiming for certification to Euro 6 standards for passenger cars, according to UNECE-R83. You can also use it for heavy-duty engine certification to EURO VI according to UNECE-R49 standards. Here, the APC xCert configuration of the system is the best solution.

In engine development you can use APC xAPP to measure undiluted exhaust gases. It also has R&D applications in anticipation of the EU7 draft specifications, with its 10nm PN size limit. Running parallel measurements in both 10 and 23nm PN sizes enables OEMs to plan for the future, while meeting global legislative requirements today.

Our versatile particle counter delivers accurate measurements in a variety of climatic conditions. Ambient temperature performance ranging from -30°C to 45°C and a high-altitude capability down to 700 mbar supports effective emission reduction in extreme environments.

Real time 10Hz signal resolution and transfer speed ensures that fidelity is as high as possible. The result is a system that misses nothing, but delivers high performance, robustly and reliably.

Flexible, User-Centric Design

Our aim with APC xApp is to deliver as much value to our customers as possible. And we don’t just achieve this through its superlative technological prowess, but also in its user-centric design.

We reduce calibration cost and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) thanks to minimized downtime. We do this by providing in-house servicing of the AVL CPC sensor. Calibration of the devices, following the highest ISO17025 quality standards, gives the customer the highest possible reproducibility for all kinds of engine applications. Onsite serviceable PND1 drives down usage costs even further, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Accurate in extremes of altitude and temperature
  • Available in three configurations for different applications
  • Measures particles to 23 nm for Euro 6 and 10 nm for EU7 draft
  • Onsite servicing reduces downtime and TCO