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Test lifecycle management solution

AVL TFMS 1™ is the premier test lifecycle management solution for automobile development. 

Further, AVL TFMS 1™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITETM.

The Challenge

Development tasks aren’t stand-alone. And it’s not (just) about how good single individuals or tools are … 
… it’s about how well they work together.

Just-in-time data management

  • How to rescue and sustain the process due to data deluge?
  • How to get consistency in testing across all domains?

The AVL Solution

AVL TFMS 1™ ensures that the correct test objects, data, models, test equipment and results are provided “just-in-time“ so the software can connect all the information in real time during the testing process. AVL TFMS 1™ brings the user complete control for a secure process control by minimizing unsuccessful attempts and time loss, thus reducing the costs and significantly enhancing the quality of each test.
AVL TFMS 1™ speaks the language of the user and offers a lean solution, which can be scaled and seamlessly integrated in validation and verification processes of all specialist disciplines.  

The Added Value

  • Optimized utilization of testbeds (typical increase of 20 % according to an AVL study)
  • Improved interaction between test requestor and lab operations
  • Increased process stability and reusability from test requests to test results

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