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SESAM i60 FT Multi Component Exhaust Measurement System

The AVL SESAM i60 FT is an FTIR multi-component measurement system that measures numerous pre-calibrated gas components in a time-synchronous and dynamic manner.

AVL Solution

The AVL SESAM i60 FT provides optimized analysis methods for different applications and fuels. Every single FTIR comes with an individual gas calibration certificate and verified accuracy. The modular system allows for integration of optional conventional analyzers as well as a second FTIR. 

Your Benefits

  • Dependable, intelligent technology with highest modularity and flexibility
  • Meeting the requirements of Euro VI and EPA 40 CFR part 1065 for FTIR
  • SESAM joins the iGeneration family, bringing FTIR to the certification level
  • Intelligent diagnostics, innovative controls and intuitive user interface

SESAM i60 FT – Multi Component Measuring System

The AVL SESAM i60 FT is based on the innovative AVL i60 hardware platform which has been proven in other AVL iGeneration products. It has the same design as other iGeneration products and uses the same components wherever possible. Users having multiple iGeneration products can share spare parts and have similar maintenance procedures with reduced training effort.

The AVL SESAM i60 FT brings a new level to exhaust measurement technology, bridging the gap between R&D and certification testing. The SESAM i60 FT complies with legislative requirements such as Euro VI and EPA 40 CFR part 1065 for measurements allowing FTIR.

  • Every single FTIR comes with individual gas calibration certificate and verified accuracy.
  • Optimized analysis methods for different applications and fuels.
  • Fast response times with accurate and synchronous measurement of NO, NO2, N2O, NH3, CO, CO2, CH4 as well as alcohols, carbonyls and more – within one device.
  • Low operating costs due to low maintenance system with no need for regular calibration.
  • Easy operation and flexible integration into the testbed automation system
  • Industrial production processes and techniques with automated check-out guarantee an optimum and measurable quality for delivery.
  • AVL offers a modular service concept: the AVL helpline and the eSpares logistics system as well as global product support. 

AVL SESAM i60 FT Technical Facts

iGEM SESAM – Device Controller

The sophisticated iGEM SESAM control software is
based on the AVL iGEM software platform. The platform
enjoys wide approval in the industry as part of the highly
successful iGeneration product family. It has a common
graphical user interface (GUI) providing the same look &
feel and interface concept. These synergies make it easy
to use any iGeneration product.

The core features below highlight the power and flexibility of the system:

  • High-grade, configurable graphical user interface with interactive controls and online user support.
  • High degree of self diagnostics with adjustable control limits for almost every parameter in the system.
  • Legislation compliant for Euro VI and EPA 40 CFR part 1065, including automated checks for linearity, accuracy/noise/repeatability, and system response time.
  • AVL iGEM functionality provides resource management, security control with different user levels, multi language support, scheduler for checks and main functions, multi-host support, etc.

i60 Conventional Gas Analyzers

The AVL SESAM i60 FT is a modular system allowing for the integration of optional FID (THC) and PMD (O2) analyzers and an IRD (CO2) analyzer for EGR stream.

Further information about Measuring Ranges

The AVL SESAM i60 FT creates an infrared broadband spectrum that can be used to detect all spectrum information of the exhaust gas sample at the same time. The absorption spectrum (intensity/wavelength) is calculated from the measured interferograms (intensity/time) by means of the Fourier transformation. With specifically developed evaluation methods, this absorption spectrum is used to determine the results. Optimized analysis methods have been developed for measurements on combustion engines, which, together with the long-term stable factory calibration, provide for the best possible analysis accuracy.

In contrast to conventional single-component analyzers that only operate with one wavelength, the SESAM i60 FT utilizes a broad waveband. Thus, all spectral information of the exhaust gas sample is collected simultaneously.

The standardized spectra used for this have been subject of continuous refinement over years. In addition, specific evaluation methods for automotive application have been developed that, in conjunction with the long-term stable basic calibration, results in optimum analysis accuracy.


The SESAM i60 FT large cabinet offers the possibility to integrate the following analyzers into the FTIR system:

FID – Flame Ionization Detector for THC measurement

The Flame Ionization Detector (FID) analyzer is designed for the measurements of the Total Hydrocarbon (THC) concentrations in the exhaust gas. The measuring principle is ionization of organic carbon atoms in a hydrogen flame burning in an electric field. The flame in the analyzers burner chamber cracks and ionizes the hydrocarbons in the sample gas to very small fragments. The ions are producing a current in the electric field that is directly proportional to the number of carbon atoms in the sample. The current is electrically amplified and converted to a voltage.

IRD - Infrared Detector for CO2 – EGR measurement

The Infrared Detector (IRD) analyzer can be integrated for CO2 – EGR measurements. The measuring principle of the IRD is the non-dispersive infrared absorption process. This process is based on absorption at the characteristic vibration rotation spectrum bands of non-elemental gases in the middle of infrared range between 2 and 12 µm. Gas molecules with a bipolar moment interact with infrared radiation. The photometer consists of an infrared radiation source whose emissions reach a sample cell via a chopper wheel. The sample cell is designed as a tube that is divided into a sample and reference part. The measurement effect produced in the receiver is a pressure change effect resulting from the chopper frequency, received by a diaphragm capacitor and converted into an electrical signal by an attached preamplifier.

PMD - Paramagnetic Detector for O2 measurement

The Paramagnetic Detector (PMD) analyzer is designed for measurements of the oxygen (O2) concentration in the exhaust gas. The underlying measuring principle of the PMD is the paramagnetic property of oxygen molecules in a magnetic field. The sample gas to be analyzed is lead through a sample chamber containing a dumbbell-shaped cavity made of quartz glass that is suspended on rotary tension bands. The two cylindrical dumbbell halves are inserted into an inhomogeneous magnetic field. Oxygen molecules are drawn into the magnetic field. The produced partial pressure change applies a force to the dumbbell and generates torque to move the dumbbell from its original position. The magnitude of this torque is proportional to the oxygen concentration and can be converted into an electrical signal.

The AVL SESAM i60 FT is available in the following three versions:

  • Small cabinet with an FTIR and optional THC analyzer or 5 liter liquid nitrogen extension Dewar.
  • Large cabinet with an FTIR and optional THC, O2 and CO2-EGR analyzers
  • Large cabinet with two FTIRs for simultaneous pre-and post-exhaust after treatment measurements

All versions support the following FTIR models:

SESAM i60 FT 1 Hz

In the basic version the system samples multiple components at 1 Hz scan rate with the high spectral resolution of 0.5 cm-1 with response times within 1 second. For this reason, the system is the ideal tool for analyzing the dynamic reactions e.g. in exhaust after treatment systems.

SESAM i60 FT 5 Hz

The 5 Hz version is optimized to sample multiple components every 200 ms with the high spectral resolution of 0.5 cm-1 with response times within 1 second. For this reason, the system is the ideal tool for analyzing high-dynamic reactions e.g. in exhaust after treatment systems.

SESAM i60 FT Fast Response

For a better analysis of the dynamic reactions, for example in a SCR catalytic converter, and to avoid aliasing effects caused by under-sampling a new and faster FTIR is needed. The SESAM i60 FT Fast Response samples the multiple components every 200 ms (5Hz) with the high spectral resolution of 0.5 cm-1. The high resolution is a necessity for measurements optimized for cross-sensitivity, e.g. for measuring a low concentration of NO when there is a high H2O concentration at the same time.

The higher sampling rate requires a faster infrared optic and faster measurement electronic. In addition, the computing performance had to be increased and the special gas cell and the sample gas preparation had to be optimized. The SESAM i60 FT Fast Response has a t10 - t90 time below 300 ms, compared to 1 seconds in the 1Hz/5Hz system, and a sample gas flow as low as 20 l/min.

For applications where 1 Hz sampling is sufficient, the SESAM i60 FT Fast Response version can be used in 1 Hz mode. It then calculates 1 second on average, which lowers the detection limits even more by reducing signal noise.

Areas of application

Today’s exhaust gas after treatment systems for combustion engines are more and more complex, especially since the introduction of SCR catalysts for diesel vehicles and the increased use of alternative fuels. Understanding the detailed chemical reactions in engine exhaust and after treatment systems is critical to achieve the optimal and efficient development of new components, engines, control systems and powertrains. The SESAM i60 FT provides the accurate and fast measurement of the most important exhaust gas components within one system to ideally support AVL’s customers in both R&D and certification.

  • R&D of modern heavy duty engines with SCR technologies (Euro IV, V and VI), especially for the measurement of ammonia (NH3)
  • R&D of all modern light duty diesel engines with exhaust after treatment systems
  • General purpose exhaust emission measurement on engine and chassis dynamometer test cells
  • R&D of modern exhaust after treatment systems (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR), Lean NOx Trap (LNT))
  • Development and usage of alternative fuels (CNG, Ethanol, Methanol, Bio-Diesel, etc.)
  • R&D of various other applications like fuel cells and hybrid drives


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