Simulation for Electrical Engineering Solutions

The AVL Simulation portfolio supports all engineers working in the field of powertrain electrification.

Electric Circuits
Based on our solutions, you can analyze entire network systems like power, auxiliary and on-board networks and their interactions. Here, AVL supports you in important tasks like network stability and electric circuit compliance.  AVL CRUISE™ M’ is capable to model the electric circuit embedded within the vehicle powertrain. This gives engineers the unique possibility to analyze the behavior of electric networks during vehicle operation.

The analysis covers 2D and 3D simulation approaches for electromagnetic fields within  electric motors. This helps to determine their performance characteristics with respect to torque and efficiency. The results of this step provide the heat sources for the thermal analysis and the excitation for acoustics. Again, AVL’s unmatched approach allows you to embed this task in the overall thermal and acoustic workflow.

Our software allows users to simulate electro-chemical reactions within battery and fuel cell.  The physical-based models enable a highly accurate prediction of ionic flow and reaction density. This helps to understand and optimize performance, efficiency and aging of these components. These detailed  1D and 3D models consider the chemical composition as well as the material structure properties like porosity within the analysis.