Multi-Disciplinary Optimization of Electronic Equipments

Simulation for Power Electronics

AVL offers highly developed simulation solutions for power electronics, including thermal and acoustic analysis.

CRUISE M for Electric Circuits
With our portfolio, engineers can analyze the entire electrical circuit landscape. This starts with single equipments like inverters, converters and chargers focusing on transient current flow and voltage fluctuation and reaches all the way to overall electrical networks, including power, auxiliary and on-board networks, for which energy flow and voltage stability are investigated.

Thermal Analysis in AVL FIRE M
For thermal investigations, the electronic components, network boards and heat sinks can be modelled in detail as 3D meshes. As opposed to other solutions that are based on predefined heat transfer coefficients, AVL’s 3D flow simulation allows you to accurately predict convective heat transfer.

AVL EXCITE Acoustics
Voltage and current fluctuations cause changes within electrical and magnetic fields. Due to magnetostriction, the components of electrical circuits excite the connected network boards. The induced vibration of the boards generates noise radiation. Additionally, the transfer of the board vibrations to the housing structure can be simulated.

On top, the sound radiation from the housing surface into the surrounding space can be evaluated. This helps to optimize the board mounting and housing design.