Flow, Combustion and Emission

In-Cylinder Simulation

AVL BOOST™and AVL FIRE™are the industry's first choice when reliable results are needed for engine thermodynamics and combustion/emissions development. The intelligent integration of these two software tools facilitates solutions for complex tasks early in the development phase and provides unparalleled accuracy during the detailed design phase.

With BOOST and FIRE, we deliver a solution dedicated to solving specific tasks related to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) development, such as matching performance requirements, lowering fuel consumption, emissions, CO2 and optimizing the engines thermal management.

Maximum Performance with AVL FIRE
AVL FIRE specializes in the accurate prediction of all relevant physics and chemistry in/for internal combustion engines. It has been tailored over decades to meet the demands of those in charge of providing next generation technology for clean and affordable mobility. Its core competences are the accurate analysis of fuel injection, air/fuel mixture, ignition, combustion, knock, emission formation and heat transfer.

Comprehensive Solutions with AVL BOOST
AVL BOOST is the key element in the simulation driven development of ICE thermodynamics. It offers advanced models to achieve the best performance possible by optimizing gas exchange, fuel injection, combustion/emissions, turbocharging and duct acoustics. Methods, combined with our know-how, skills and experience are all embedded in an easy-to-use, functional and powerful software solution.