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AVL Smart Sampler


The AVL Smart Sampler is a partial flow dilution system intended for gravimetric sampling of exhaust particulates from internal combustion engines under both steady state and transient conditions. The Smart Sampler is fully certified to the U.S. EPA 40-1065 regulation as well as the current European regulations and is approved for a pre diluter under ECE regulation No.49 for the purpose of particle number counting.


AVL Solution

The AVL Smart Sampler takes a partial flow from the engine’s raw exhaust for dilution with filtered air, and then collects the particles on a dedicated filter. It allows the transient simulation of CVS dilution tunnels by fast control of the flow rates and the dilution ratio.


Your Benefits

  • Partial flow dilution technique satisfies the ISO 16183 standard and many global directives
  • Can be used for all internal combustion engines; most commonly used with diesel engines
  • Can be used for engine testbed and chassis dynamometer
  • Multiple filter arrangements are possible: single path, dual, triple, and auto filter changer
  • Inbuilt automated flow calibration


Cyclonic Separator

The repeatability of gravimetric particulate testing has been defined as being a major concern for low level PM testing. CFR 1065 has taken a step forward by strongly recommending a cyclonic separator.

ISO 16183 regulations and GTR also allow a cyclone. The cyclonic separator ensures repeatable tests by pre-classifying particles such that only particulates which are attributed to the combustion process are allowed to pass through the cyclonic separator.



Filter Cabinet Heating

To improve test repeatability and to negate effects of test cell temperature fluctuation, filter cabinet heating is available as an option for the Smart Sampler filter cabinet. As per CFR 1065, filter face temperature needs to be maintained at 47  5°C.

Accurate filter housing temperature control will result in improved test-to-test repeatability. Achieving such specifications will require temperature conditioning of the filter housing.



Filter Holder


The Gravimetric Filter Cabinet supports up to three filter streams and the user may select different sized filter holders in each stream.

A conversion kit is available which allows users to convert 47 mm filter holders to 70mm filter holders and vice versa. This conversion is simple and can be performed within 5 minutes or less by the customer onsite.



Add On Sampling


“Add on sampling” allows PM samplers to utilize the AVL Smart Sampler for the purpose of generating particles in accordance with ISO 16183, ECE regulation No.49 and Global Technical Regulation No.4. This functionality allows users to be compliant with changes in these legislations which require particle number counting. The Add-on Sampling fully integrates the AVL Smart Sampler and the AVL Particle Counter instruments

and allows the two instruments to be fully controlled via the AVL Smart Sampler Graphical user Interface. The combined instruments may then be used to provide particulate sample to the AVL Particle Counter, and eliminates the need for a CVS for particle counting applications under heavy duty EU VI applications.

Currently, the AVL 489 particle counter is the primary fully supported instrument for add-on sampling, and the integration package of the Smart Sampler is designed to fit perfectly with the AVL particle counter. The Smart Sampler system is flexible to the extent that other devices can be used for this purpose and the user needs to specify only how much flow needs to be diverted from the sample gas path to the add-on device.



Dilution Air Conditioner


The Dilution Air Conditioning unit is a compact instrument which is installed within the Filter Panel to improve repeatability of PM measurements.

This is accomplished by conditioning the dilution air such that it meets the required conditions specified by global regulations. The unit can be used to cool or heat the dilution air such that the output temperature is maintained between 10 and 50 degrees Celsius.


Advanced Dilution Tunnel with heating and coolin


 The advanced dilution tunnel is fully compliant with both the US EPA CFR 1065 regulation and the European ISO 16183 regulation. To accommodate the full range of test conditions, the tunnel is capable of both heating and cooling the sample, providing users a wide range of inlet conditions.


The advanced dilution tunnel is capable of both heating and cooling the exhaust sample, which allows a wider range of input conditions:


  • exhaust gas temperature up to 500°C
  • ambient test cell temperature from 5°C to 50°C
  • dilution ratio from undiluted to 40:1
  • while still maintaining filter face temperature within regulatory limits of 47°C (±5°C)..

The dilution tunnel assembly is certification grade for raw emissions sampling, and is recommended for use with modern low emission engines. The user should select the appropriate probe and transfer line to suit the regulation to which they will certify against.


Automatic voltage detection with single phase power


Flexible power option allows the same unit to be used on 100-120V(50/60Hz) and 220V (50/60Hz) systems. The Voltage is automatically detected and the Smart sampler plugs in to a standard wall receptacle.

This flexibility allows for ease of installation and transport within the test factory since special power requirements have been eliminated.



Main Cabinet With GEM 140 software:


GEM 140, the Smart Sampler Control Software, operates on an embedded PC and is designed to address new regulatory requirements.

The Smart Sampler’s Graphical User Interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. Nearly all day-to-day operations can be completed from the home screen with one click. Software Limit Monitors keep a watchful eye on the system parameters and alert the user if parameters are outside of the control limits.

The GEM 140 software is also unique in offering the capability to integrate into automated test cells. The GEM 140 software can automate, execute,



and evaluate a test cycle allows for control in standalone mode, and allows for the highest possible flexibility.

An AK interface is also included to interface the Smart Sampler GEM 140 with a host computer system.

The GEM 140 software is available in both English and German


The Smart Sampler extracts just a part of the exhaust gas, dilutes it proportionally to the total flow. It can be used for raw exhaust measurement or together with an CVS.


The decades of experience in particle measurement devices is reflected in various publications and the measurement equipment.

Smart Sampler

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