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Powertrain Design - Large Engines

A competitive economic environment and increasingly stringent emission regulations are the main drivers for optimizing the efficiency of large engines in marine, power generation, construction and other areas. Fuel efficiency, initial cost, reliability and service/maintenance life cycle cost are key considerations for the creation of optimum engine performance perfectly tuned to the customer's needs. The newest technologies for aftertreatment, waste heat recovery, auxiliary drives and cooling systems are as important as the expertise of the engineering partner. AVL has the most experienced design engineering team for the development and optimization of large engines (diesel/natural gas/dual fuel). Close collaboration through worldwide presence, technology innovation, simulation-based and production-oriented development, modern testing facilities and system integration are all expressions of AVL's technical competence and global expertise.

Customer Benefits

  • World-class large engine product design tailored to the performance and business goal
  • Design and development of the first prototype engine ready for the market
  • Most efficient solutions for reaching different required emission standards
  • Competitive product definition with a clear USP through high innovative technologies and knowledge of worldwide large engines market
  • Optimized system design of complete power units
  • Extended product life cycle through efficient trouble shooting and engine upgrades
  • Immediate onsite support from AVL's expert team for problem solving


  • Experience and knowledge of more than 100 complete large engines new developed by AVL from scratch to market introduction and up to aftersales support
  • 170mm & 250mm bore large single cylinder research and test engines owned and operated by AVL
  • Diesel/natural gas/dual fuel and special fuels research and test work on both own AVL single cylinder engines
  • Long term design and development experience: large engines developed by AVL have enjoyed market success from the 1950s to the present day
  • Test and measurement equipment developed by AVL based on the needs of research and development work


  • World-class product design on the basis of advanced virtual development methodologies
  • Smart engine development process optimized for large engines
  • Engine concepts for highest peak firing pressures and efficiency
  • Efficient product design covering the production and supply requirements
  • Large engine specialized aftertreatment system and emission experts for SCR, DPF and EGR systems
  • System layout of complete power units customized for each application
  • Layout and planning for entire large engine test facilities
  • Fast availability of technical specialists near customer sites worldwide