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Battery Emulator for Electric Propulsion Systems

In modern powertrain configurations such as hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles or fuel cell powered vehicles, electric motors and their power electronics play a central role. The AVL E-STORAGE BE is the perfect tool to characterize and verify e-motors and inverters.

Thanks to its unique control strategy for outstanding control accuracy and stability, the AVL E-STORAGE BE™ enables the most realistic emulation of a real-world battery. Automated configuration changes in the Power Distribution Switch Box (PDSB) reduce the testbed downtime and result in a higher testbed use. The PDSB allows you to switch between testbeds and/or the parallelization of systems.
The integrated web-GUI interface provides remote system parametrization and smart service capabilities. To be compliant with latest test runs, the AVL PUMA Open 2™ testbed automation platform facilitates the recording of reproducible measurement data across the entire development process.

Key Benefits

  • Unique control strategy enables realistic battery emulation with outstanding control accuracy and stability
  • High system versatility with automated configuration changes reduces testbed downtime
  • Simple to operate due AVL PUMA Open 2™ testbed automation


Power Rating 160, 2501, 4001 kW
AC input voltage 3 x 380-480 VAC
AC input frequency 47-63 Hz
DC output voltage 8-800; 12-1,200 V
DC output current ±600, ±8001 A
Current rise time
(+ 10 % ... + 90 %)
< 2 ms2
< 0.4 ms2, optional 800 V
< 1.0 ms2, optional 1,200 V
Interface 1 kHz CAN Bus
(others on request)




Measurement accuracy

Voltage ± 0.1 % FS3
± 0.01 % FS3, optional
Current ± 0.1 % FS3
± 0.01 % FS3, optional