Engine and Powertrain Testing 1

AVL High Dynamic Engine and Powertrain Racing Testbeds (Engine/2WD/4WD Powertrain)

High dynamic engine testbeds or high performance 2WD/4WD powertrain testbeds either stand-alone or are combined as part of a multi-configuration testbed with a dyno system and summing gearbox.

Engine and Powertrain Testing 2

AVL Approach

The AVL high dynamic engine and powertrain testbeds use low inertia dynos with permanent magnet technology for highest acceleration rates. Multi configuration testbeds are configured  with either 2 or 4 high performance wheel dynos which are matching the inertia of the wheels of the racecar. This makes the system ideal for any kind of race simulation, including race start optimization. With a summing gearbox the system can be used as high dynamic engine testbed, providing acceleration rates needed for realistic gearshift simulations. The top speed in the engine testbed configuration can be tailored according to the particular needs.

Benefits at a Glance

  • High dynamic engine testing with realistic gearshift simulation due to capability of high acceleration rates
  • Test of full powertrain under realistic conditions
  • Possibility to combine high performance 2WD/4WD testbed and high dynamic engine testbed in one system
  • Flexible use of the test room due to short configuration change
  • Cost efficient investment due to multiple use of high performance equipment

Technical Data

AVL High Dynamic Engine Testbed with single dyno and integrated gearbox (i=3)
Power (nominal / peak): 800 / 1300 kW
Torque (nominal / peak): 1,062 / 2,228 Nm
Speed (nominal / max): 7,200 / 15,000 rpm
Free acceleration rate: > 80,000 rpm/s
(Other gearbox ratios available)

Powertrain Testbed
Power (nominal / peak): 420 / 920 kW
Torque (nominal / peak): 2,000 / 4,200 Nm
Speed (nominal / max): 2,000 / 3,500 rpm
Rotor Inertia: < 0.6 kgm^2
(Data per wheel dyno)

Engine Configuration (AVL Multi Configuration Racing Testbed - Engine / Powertrain)
Power (nominal / peak): 840 / 1,840 kW
Torque (nominal / peak): 444 / 933 Nm
Speed (nominal / max): 18,000 / 22,000 rpm
Free acceleration rate: > 150,000 rpm/s
(Other speed / torque ranges as required)

Other Wheel Dyno systems for different power / torque ranges available

System Scope

Automation and Control
AVL Suite TM based PUMA Open Automation and Control providing uniform usability and compatibility throughout all AVL Suite TM products. AVL ARTE.Lab or open control and simulation platforms provide the required performance and flexibility for racing customers.

Load System
High performance dynamometers provide the acceleration rates needed for realistic race simulation on the engine testbed. Low inertia wheel dynos suitable for realistic wheel slip simulation are used for multi-configuration testbeds where the engine only or the whole powertrain can be tested with one system.

Baseline Measurement
High precision sensors and transmitters for temperature and pressure, measurement via AVL Front End Modules. Measuring devices for blow-by, Lambda and combustion analysis are completing this scope. High data throughput allows data recording of up to 1000 channels over the entire race distance with high acquisition rates.

Air Measurement & Conditioning
From intake air consumption and conditioning to boost air cooling and exhaust back pressure adjustment, all the required measurement and conditioning units can be provided if needed. High dynamic ram-pressure simulation is available if required.

Coolant Conditioning
For keeping the engines cooling water temperature within specified tolerances and to have repeatable testing conditions. Dynamic coolant conditioning systems for fast temperature variations (e.g. temperature profile replay).

Test System Mechanics
Suitably sized air spring designed base plate in combination with engine mounting system for precise positioning and alignment of the engine to the dynamometer axle.

System Integration and Start Up Service
From project kick-off up to final acceptance with start-up support, the customer is assisted with professional AVL project services.