A platform for flexibility

Simulation for ADAS Applications

Integration for virtual ADAS development and testing

The introduction of driver assistance systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems/ADAS and Autonomous Driving/AD) has become a force for innovation in the automotive industry. Alongside these technological developments, safety constraints, emission legislation and short development times are the most important requirements for car manufacturers and suppliers. Only by using highly efficient simulation and testing systems can these factors be ensured.

ADAS Simulation Tools
To reach key development goals, a portfolio of tools is required that covers all relevant aspects of the vehicle design process with a high level of accuracy and reliability. As these requirements cannot be covered by a single simulation tool it is necessary to integrate multiple solutions within a co-simulation environment.

AVL’s Integrated and Open Development Platform (IODP)
With our Integrated and Open Development Platform (IODP) we have created a unique foundation for the implementation of these tasks. As a part of the IODP, AVL Model.CONNECT™ makes it easy to integrate any vehicle, sensor and environment simulation model into a functional prototype and use it in a complex development process, ranging from virtual prototyping all the way to test runs.

This toolchain has been successfully applied in commercial and R&D projects in all relevant markets and industry segments. It has proven itself in wide variety of use cases, such as lane keeping assistance (LKA), predictive and adaptive cruise control (PACC), platooning, parking and traffic jam assist.

Why Partner with AVL?

All AVL solutions come packed with a range of benefits. Our ADAS Simulation tools include:

  • ​​​​​​​Ready-to-use platform for rapid prototyping (Model.CONNECT™)
  • ​​​​​​​Accurate and fast powertrain and vehicle models (AVL CRUISE™M, AVL VSM™)
  • ​​​​​​​Integration of sensors and control units
  • ​​​​​​​Large scale DOE optimization and post-processing (AVL CONCERTO™ and AVL CAMEO™)
  • ​​​​Scenario-based validation in the cloud