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CONNECTED Toolchains

Perfectly synchronized AVL tools to solve specific development tasks

Perfectly synchronized AVL tools to solve specific development tasks. The first available CONNECTED toolchain of IODP is "Advanced Calibration for...


Advanced Calibration of E-motor and Inverter

On E-Drive Testbed

When it comes to driving range, infrastructure and charging time, electric vehicles are still faced with skepticism in the public eye. One of the...

R2L methodologies to save time and cut costs

Evaluate RDE, Fuel Economy and OBD in the Lab

Accurately repeating real-world validation on the testbed

As the demands on the powertrain have become greater, so too has the need to precisely replicate real-world driving conditions on the testbed....

Supporting cleaner engines

Quantify Emission and Fuel Consumption Reduction

Real-world measurements in the lab

Measuring the efficiency and consumption of fuels, additives and lubricants in the lab is currently only done under steady-state conditions on the...

Eliminating error

Torque Accuracy Check

Avoid inefficient and time-consuming conflicts

For the measurement and optimization of driveability characteristics, and to support engine efficiency and emission reduction, accurate torque...

Connected toolchain

Battery Lifetime Prediction for Electric Vehicle Fleets

Real time battery state monitoring


Road-to-lab replication on the testbed

Optimization of Real-World Electric Range

Validating and optimizing real-world electric driving range in the lab environment


Connected toolchain

Fuel Cell System Optimization in the Office

Optimization of your fuel cell system development and calibration activities


Be earlier, faster, cheaper and better in your process

Advanced Calibration for Driveability

Efficient calibration of vehicle dynamics and electric mode changes



Advanced Electric Vehicle Calibration – Hybrid, Battery, Fuel Cell

On Chassis Dyno and Powertrain Testbed

With a diverse set of electrified powertrains on the rise (PHEV, HEV, BEV, FCEV), OEMs face mounting pressure at the development stage to make as...