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AVL Services for Racing Customers

Operating state-of-the-art testing technology is an extremely challenging task, both technically as well as financially. To guarantee a high degree of utilization and availability of the test field and its equipment, AVL is offering specific service solutions, tailored to the needs of motorsports organizations.

AVL Motorcycle TS

Measuring the efficiency of premium and high-performance motorcycles is dependent on environmental and human influences which can lead to inconsistency of data. Thus, the individual riding experience is often not quantifiable and the interaction of components in the system not measurable. This results in unused potential of overall powertrain performance.

Angle Encoder 366C / 365X

The angle encoder 366C is designed for the acquisition of angle marks on a rotating shaft, which are then transferred via fibre optical cable and are then assigned to rapidly changing measured values. The absolute angular position is also an output value.

AVL Brake Torque Sensor

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