Optimized mechanical products for efficient and reliable testbed operation

AVL Test Cell Mechanics

Besides intelligent measuring technique and automation, the mechanical automation of testbeds can increase productivity by minimizing the setup and testbed downtimes and by enhancing the quality of the results due to an appropriate design.

Products & Services

Pallet systems meet customer demands for reduced unit under test changing and mounting times, thereby shortening testbed downtimes and lowering cost through automation.
Drive shafts not only provide the connection between the unit under test and the dynamometer on stationary up to high dynamic test beds, they also influence the vibrational behavior of the entire system.
The Isolated Base Plate allows for an easy set-up and mounting of the unit under test, the dynamometer, and additional testbed equipment and enables the vibrational decoupling of the mechanical installation from the building.
Stands and Supports ensure a quick installation of the dynamometers and unit under tests on the isolated base plate.
The modular built cable boom for wall mounting, with integrated separate cable and air ducts, serves to mount the Boom Box FEM and other additional parts. The cable boom is pivotable to enable the ideal positioning of the measurement transducers in the unit under test area.