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AVL Services for Racing Customers

Operating state-of-the-art testing technology is an extremely challenging task, both technically as well as financially. To guarantee a high degree of utilization and availability of the test field and its equipment, AVL is offering specific service solutions, tailored to the needs of motorsports organizations.

Highly skilled people, global standards and proven processes and tools are the core of AVL Customer Services philosophy to provide professional and high quality services.

To fully consider the specific requirements of AVL RACING customers, AVL Customer Services offers individual service solutions for this demanding and fast-paced environment.

The integration of the basic service elements with dedicated interfaces and racing specific competences equals
Technical Expertise / Quality / Speed and Flexibility.

Racing Environment

  • Short Development Cycles
  • Seasonal Peaks
  • Financial Constraints
  • Competition and Racing Regulations
  • Variety of Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Time pressure

Market Requirements

  • Racing expertise and interfaces
  • Fast error recovery
  • Reduction of operational risk
  • High degree of cell utilization

Benefits at a Glance

  • Personalized expert support for Racing applications
  • Customer focused issue handling and 24/7 Emergency Standby
  • Fast error recovery based on priority access to experts and solutions
  • Adaptive contract management and continuous improvement process