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Extendable & customizable ​standard base configuration

AVL Lab Management™ for Propulsion Testing

An efficient test operation software solution for a wide range of propulsion systems

New trends in propulsion, such as BEV, HEV, FCEV, and even the continued refinement of the ICE in all its different configurations, are driving complexity in the testing toolchain. With the added pressure of compliance with continually changing global and regional legislation, propulsion testing effort has never been greater.

Becoming increasingly costly and time consuming, traditional testing facilities struggle to keep up with the ever-changing technology and capacity demands driven by the markets and regulators. Carrying out data harmonization and resource allocation tasks manually takes a huge amount of effort. And with ROI and time-to-market being crucial factors in the race to bring new products to market, a new approach is required.

That’s just what we are offering.

Managing Complexity, Time, and Costs

AVL Lab Management™ for Propulsion Testing is a suite of software products we have designed to take the effort out of testfield management. Whether it’s resource allocation, data harmonization or legislative compliance, it covers all aspects of running an efficient testfield and maximizing ROI.

Our approach employs a high level of standardization, modularization, and the reuse of data allows you to conduct more tests – and at greater quality. We have designed this software solution to maximize throughput and avoid unnecessary tests, while ensuring data traceability and process reliability.

Intuitive and easy to use, you only need a small amount of training to get up to speed. And your effort is significantly reduced thanks to a high degree of automation, especially in areas such as data validation and certification.

To ensure that your data is managed efficiently, our system also features data integration functions, easy audit trails and data enrichment. This helps you extract maximum knowledge and decision-making value from the data that is generated.

Future Proof Your Testing Workflow

We have created Lab Management for Propulsion to grow with your needs. You can add new functionalities quickly to keep up with changing market, technology and legislative demands, even while the test lab is in use.

The system ensures the smooth operation of the entire lab by managing every aspect. From the planning of work orders to the allocation of lab resources to maximize availability and productivity, through to the execution of the tests themselves, data management and post-processing, all your needs are met. Scalable, flexible, and highly usable, it is the only solution you need for all of your future testing needs.

Key features include:

  • Open for all kinds of test fields
  • Hardware-independent
  • Data management
  • Asset and process control
  • Data Intelligence
  • Professional consultancy services
  • Maintenance and support