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Battery Tester for Electric Propulsion Systems

The AVL E-STORAGE BT™ is a battery tester to validate and test batteries and other power sources like fuel cells and supercapacitors in all development phases. Thanks to its unique control strategy for outstanding control accuracy and stability, the AVL E-STORAGE BT™ enables the most realistic emulation of an e-drive (e-motor and inverter). Automated configuration changes in the Power Distribution Switch Box (PDSB) reduce the testbed downtime and result in a higher testbed use. The PDSB allows you to switch between testbeds and/or the parallelization of systems.

The integrated web-GUI interface provides remote system parametrization and smart service capabilities. Fully integrated into the battery testing automation software AVL LYNX 2™, it makes battery testing comfortable and reliable at different development process phases.

More Benefits

  • Unique control strategy for realistic charging and discharging profiles enables outstanding control accuracy and stability
  • High system versatility with automated configuration changes reduces testbed downtime
  • Simple to operate due to AVL LYNX 2™ testbed automation


Power Rating 160, 2501, 4001 kW
AC input voltage 3 x 380-480 VAC
AC input frequency 47-63 Hz
DC output voltage 8-800; 12-1,200 V
DC output current ±600, ±8001 A
Current rise time
(+ 10% ... + 90 %)
< 2 ms2
< 0.4 ms2, optional 800 V
< 1.0 ms2, optional 1,200 V
Interface 1 kHz CAN Bus
(others on request)

Measurement accuarcy


Voltage ± 0.1 % FS3
± 0.01 % FS3, optional
Current ± 0.1 % FS3
0.01 % FS3, optional

1) Water-cooled system
2) At nominal conditions of 400 VDC. Not valid in parallel operation.
3) FS = Full Scale