AVL CVS i60 Exhaust Gas Dilution System

The AVL CVS i60 is a space-saving and cost-efficient full-flow dilution system designed for engine and vehicle certification as well as R&D testing. The intuitive, interactive graphical user interface supports all essential service and diagnosis functions and issue warnings in case of pending maintenance intervals.

AVL Approach

The AVL CVS i60 is the most compact full flow dilution system on the market. With a total flow rate of up to 30m³ all system components fit into one 19" cabinet. The sophisticated gas flow system guarantees fast response times and the best reproducibility for gas analysis. The extended valve manifold with increased numbers of phases (a maximum of five) and simultaneous analyzing, purging, evacuating and filling optimizes the running of test cycles, for example, with regard to HEV/PHEV applications. The modular design with up to four main flow venturis, three bag sample venturis or alternatively with mass flow controllers supports all possible applications on chassis dyno and engine testbeds. The patented angulated inlet tube allows particulate measurement in accordance with ECE, EPA and Japanese legislations with one dilution tunnel. The operation of the CVS i60 can easily and intuitively be done via the iGEM CVS device control software.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Best accuracy and reproducibility for ultra-low emission sampling in compliance with the latest legislation.
  • Most compact design, reduced test cell floor space.
  • Simultaneous analyzing, purging, evacuating and filling of the bags (max. 20).
  • Particulate measurement of GDI and diesel vehicles via one dilution tunnel.
  • Automated CFO checks and LFE calibration via iGEM CVS.
  • Minimized total cost of ownership through frequency-controlled blower and alternative operation without heat exchanger.

Market Requirements

Reduced emission limits and new drive concepts require low dilution rates with optimized and extended CVS systems. The CVS i60 exhaust gas dilution system as reference system for certification and development on chassis dyno, as well as engine testbeds, is the perfect solution to these new challenges.


The exhaust gas is diluted with filtered ambient air close to the tailpipe outlet and then homogeneously mixed in the dilution tunnel for particulate measurement. During each phase of a test cycle the exhaust gas bags are filled proportionally to the main flow rate of the CVS. The integrated mass emissions are calculated using the background gas concentrations in the bag and the accumulated flow rate of the diluted exhaust.

New and upcoming European emission legislations according to ECE-R83 (Euro 5+) require measurements of the particulate mass as well as the particle numbers in Diesel exhaust. AVL accepted that challenge and developed a patented single dilution tunnel design, which is the most space and cost-efficient solution in the emission market.

  • Only one dilution tunnel is needed for GDI- and Diesel particulate sampling and particle counting according to the legislation Euro 5+/6.
  • Approved and verified technical solution.
  • One particulate sampler and one particle counter only.

The GDI raw exhaust is mixed close to the engine with filtered dilution air by the RMU i60. 
The diluted exhaust is guided into the dilution tunnel VTi273 via an angular flow inlet pipe, which is located in flow direction behind the classical diesel exhaust inlet. The design of the angulated GDI inlet pipe guarantees a homogenously mixing in the dilution tunnel. Cross interferences, depositions or alterations are prevented in the diesel as well as in the GDI gas path.


The functionality of the CVS i60 full flow dilution system can be extended by the following enhancements:

  • Multihost functionality allows two test cell automation systems to use one CVS system on two different testbeds.
  • Multi-configuration: one central CVS controller can be used to control several devices.
  • Stainless steel tubing.
  • Calibration equipment (see iCAL calibration equipment).
  • Local language support of the user interface for all major languages.
  • Uninterruptible power supply for integrated industry PC.

Technical Data


The CVS i60 is used for the certification of all kinds of combustion engines and fully complies with the latest emission legislations for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, such as Euro 5/6 or EPA 40 CFR part 1065/1066. The CVS i60 supports all modern drive technologies like hybrid and gas engines as well as alternative fuels including hydrogen. The CVS i60 is available for flow rates from 1 to 30m³ (LD), 8 to 60m³ (MD) or from 15 to 160m³ (HD).

iGEM CVS Control SW

The intelligent iGEM platform constitutes the basis for optimum operation, high-grade diagnostics, easy connectivity and upgradeability. This platform is the control software for all products of the iGeneration. The iGEM CVS control software comes with core features like:

  • Sophisticated automated diagnostic functions.
  • The interactive diagnostic system can also be controlled remotely via the network or the internet.
  • The operating systems of all electronic units (such as the CAN node) can be checked (debugged) and also be replaced (software update) using remote access.
  •  Intuitive and fast access to the CVS i60.

Available Types

The CVS i60 is available for flow rates from 1 to 30m³ (LD), 8 to 60m³ (MD) or from 15 to 160m³ (HD).

For light duty emission testing dedicated versions with clean and dirty separations (clean/dirty low emission) or a SULEV system can be chosen. The SULEV version includes an optimized system design combined with a specific bag configuration. Depending on the fuel types different versions of the light duty dilution tunnel VTi273 are used. The AVL single dilution tunnel is designed for all fuel types.

The following variations are defined:

CVS i60 LD 1 – 30 Sm³/min

  • With heat exchanger and bag sampling.
  • Without heat exchanger and bag sampling.


  • Diesel application.
  • Gasoline application (without particulate measurement).
  • Gasoline and GDI applications.
  • Diesel, gasoline and GDI applications.

For heavy duty emission testing dedicated extensions are available to comply with EPA 40 CFR Part 1065 requirements. The CVS i60 HD is designed for constant volume sampling with or without bag sampling.

The following variations are defined:

CVS i60 MD 8 – 60 Sm³ / CVS i60 HD 15 – 160 Sm³

  • With heat exchanger and bag sampling.
  • Without heat exchanger and bag sampling.

CVS i60 MD 8 – 60 Sm³ / CVS i60 HD 15 – 160 Sm³ W/O BAG SAMPLING

  • With heat exchanger and without bag sampling.
  • Without heat exchanger and without bag sampling.