AVL Oil Consumption Meter

AVL Oil Consumption Meter

The AVL Oil Consumption Meter permits rapid, professional and clean measurement of oil consumption, as well as oil refilling.

AVL Approach

The AVL Oil Consumption Meter is a compact, mobile measurement system that allows quick automatic measurement of IC engine oil consumption with little effort. An important additional function is the integrated refill unit. On endurance test beds it can be used to replace the consumed oil.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Up to 50% time saving compared to conventional methods
  • Integrated oil refilling unit allows for extended test cycles
  • Minimum downtimes due to easy integration into the automation system
  • Stand-alone operation possible thanks to integrated operating panel
  • No handling of oil and clean test bed operation because of automatic measurement

Technical Data

AVL Oil Consumption Meter

Technical Details AVL Oil Consumption Meter
Type: AVL 406
Measurement principle: Gravimetric
Measurement media: Mineral, vegetable and
synthetic oils, including
additives (fresh and old oils)
Oil quantities:
Measurement quantity
Residual quantity
Refill quantity

Max. 10 l
0.5 l
Max. 9 l
Measurement accuracy: 1% of the measurement
value ±5 g (at an oil surface
in the oil pan of 600 cm²)
1% of the measurement
value ±10 g (at an oil surface
in the oil pan of 4,000 cm²)
Interfaces / output signal: RS232 (AK-compliant),
analog I/O, 0 ... 10 V
Voltage supply: 230 V, 50 ... 60 Hz,approx.
0.8 A, optional 110 V,
50 … 60 Hz
Ambient temperature: 0 … 40° C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 60 x 104 x 60 mm
Weight empty: Approx. 60 kg


Measuring Principle

AVL OIL CONSUMPTION METER Measurement principle
The measurement works in accordance with the gravimetric principle. This means drawing the oil into a measurement tank, either completely or up to a defined level, by means of a modified dipstick or the oil drain plug. Afterwards, the weight is determined with the help of a high-precision pressure sensor. After the weight has been determined, the oil is pumped back into the oil pan of the engine.
A measurement cycle consists of the following steps: pumping (out), weighing and pumping (back). The difference between two subsequent measurement cycles indicates the oil consumption.