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CRETA is a calibration data lifecycle management system designed for the calibration of all vehicle control units. It supports and facilitates your agile calibration process by helping engineers perform their tasks faster and more efficiently.

Agile development processes have become a fundamental element in the automotive industry over the last few years, reaching into xCU development and calibration teams. Working with agile methods increases flexibility and allows you to recognize errors at the earliest stage possible.

One of the main challenges in calibration data management is mastering the large number of variants in the calibration process. We have been the market leader for many years now, developing CRETA for applications ranging from ADAS to chassis and powertrain. It guarantees a smooth calibration process across corporate borders and saves both money and time by avoiding repetitive testing. After 3 years of development, including huge architectural changes, our software is now available in two editions. CRETA 6 our new environment to empower the engineer and CRETA 6 PLUS in the new multi-tier architecture, ready for the enterprise.

CRETA 6 - Core Values

CRETA has been optimized for even more simple commissioning, installation and roll-out. It combines the advantages of low IT and infrastructure requirements, and a high number of new features and functionalities to further improve and empower the engineers work.

Calibration Dashboard

The Calibration Dashboard empowers the engineer to get a quick status overview of all delivered calibrations in one view. Problem areas and issues can be detected at a glance which lead to more stable dataset integrations and enables shorter release cycles. Errors or mistakes can be corrected and withdrawn in the most simple manner.

Outlier Detector

CRETA now incorporates the possibilities for every user to perform an analysis of hundreds of datasets in one view. The engineer or manager is able to learn from historical data, store templates and checks the consistency of the different variants for outliers or calibration errors.

Compare and Edit

CRETA further improved its environment for comparison and editing. This enables every calibration engineer to perform quick comparisons, fast corrections and simple desktop calibration for parameters where ECU access is unnecessary.

CRETA 6 PLUS - Core Values

CRETA 6 PLUS is the premium edition based on a modern “Multi-Tier” system architecture, which offers a complete different experience for all affected stakeholders of a whole enterprise. It includes all benefits of CRETA and additionally offers:

Connectivity is the key to efficiency and robust processes. The new REST API of CRETA 6 PLUS offers modern, secure and robust interfaces for simple connection in a modern enterprise environment.

Data amounts are constantly increasing. To cope with this situation our software is designed to handle time consuming and performance critical task in a scalable way.

Our software offers all needed methods to implement your enterprise “Information Lifecycle Policy”. Define how your most critical information artefacts should be stored, archived or deleted automatically.

Further benefits include:


  • Worldwide collaboration and data exchange between team members, partners, suppliers and customers
  • Traceable secure and simple administration and documentation of control unit data
  • Quick pre-calibration of initial datasets and reuse of data
  • Advanced reporting and usability