AVL is unquestionably the partner with the most experience and the most reference installations in the field of electromagnetic compatibility testing.


Electromagnetic compatibility testing comprises tests regarding the measurement of the electromagnetic emissions of the test specimen as well as tests for checking the immunity of the vehicle. Because of the dynamic turntable and rollers it is possible to execute ABS and traction control system testing with increased slip simulation in addition to standard EMC testing.

AVL Approach

The AVL vehicle testbeds are designed for testing all types of On- and Off-road vehicles in this application. Along with robust design and the exact road load simulation, the focus is on technical criteria such as lowest electromagnetic emissions and a high acceleration of the turntable. The rotation of the turntable can also be implemented while the vehicle testbed is in operation.

AVL ROADSIM EMC is equipped with special EMC-compatible measuring equipment. In this way, the following components among others are implemented: fiber optics and signal amplifiers with RF-shielded housings. 

Benefits at a Glance

  • Vehicle testbeds with extremely low electromagnetic emissions
  • Reliable EMC-optimized components and more than 25 years of experience in the field of EMC vehicle testbed guarantee the highest immunity to interference
  • Extraordinary cooperation with planning engineers and construction companies of EMC buildings