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Delivering reliable, high-quality data

Sensor T12HP

The high-precision torque transducer

AVL is the world-leading supplier of complete testbed solutions, including torque sensors and torque transducers. They are highly accurate, reliable and have a wide dynamic bandwidth.

Why the T12HP?

One torque sensor, multiple functions – a unique feature of the T12HP. It delivers reliable, high-quality data across the entire measurement range. And thanks to the trademarked FlexRange™, it makes sure that cumbersome range switching known from dual-range sensors are a thing of the past.

Flexible and Unique

The T12HP is a non-contact transducer. It combines the flexibility of digital signal conditioning with the precise torque measurement accuracy of a carrier-frequency amplifier – without compromising on data or accuracy. To make the configuration even more user-friendly, there has also been developed a T12HP Assistant and CAN parameterization.

Torque Sensor Features

  • Low rotor weights
  • Low mass moments of inertia
  • Excellent temperature behavior with TC0 of 0.005 %/10 K
  • Minimal linearity deviation, including hysteresis of 0.007 %
  • Measurement frequency range up to 6 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Nominal speeds up to 22,000 rpm
  • Optional: rotational speed measuring system and reference signal