PLUtronize beyond limits

AVL PLUtron™

Fuel flow meter

With AVL PLUtron™ AVL provides unique fuel consumption measurement technology for the entire engine development process – from component testing, to engine testbed applications and even vehicle testing at chassis dyno and on the road.

Download the AVL PLUtron™ Solution Sheet here.

The Challenge

Improve fuel economy

  • How can CO2 emission and fuel consumption support combustion engine calibration?
  • What equipment is used for dynamic flow measurement?
  • How can I deal with Real World Consumption compared to legislation cycle testing?

Increase testing efficiency

  • How can I reduce measurement time?
  • Is there a way to simplify setup and handling?

The AVL Solution

AVL PLUtron™ CLASSIC simplifies gasoline in-vehicle testing with its Plug&Play operation and self-diagnostics. The system is robust against pressure pulsation and vibration.

AVL PLUtron™ CORE introduces a higher level of accurate dynamic fuel measurement on engine test beds with a 50 x higher resolution than existing solutions, the largest dynamic measuring range of 1:1000 and a response time of "zero".


The Added Value

  • Unique Plug&Play usability for optimized workflow
  • Reliable results under rough conditions
  • Higher flexibility due to large measuring ranges with highest resolution and accuracy
  • Up to 5% reduced project execution time
  • Up to 15% shorter test time in component production at affordable cost of ownership