Our long term expertise, high tech innovations and broad product portfolio enable AVL to support the development process of the Aviation industry with proven testing and simulation technology.

AVL Particle Measurement System for Aviation

Upcoming requirements will result in additional complexity for turbine testing and certification. The AVL Particle Measurement System (PMS) Aviation is a commercially available solution to measure nvPM mass and number in compliance with the AIR6241. The PMS Aviation consists of:

AVL Simulation Solutions for Aviation

The comprehensive, multi-disciplinary simulation tools AVL BOOST, AVL CRUISE, AVL EXCITE and AVL FIRE® offer effective solutions which help to increase the product quality while reducing development time and costs. Typical aviation simulation applications include:

  • internal combustion engine adaptation for airplane installation
  • planetary gearing and transmission slider bearing analysis for TurboProp and TurboFan
  • power gear box (PGB) and turbine dynamics for TurboProp and TurboFan
  • concept and layout support of landing gear designs
  • simulation of air conditioning and ventilation
  • aerodynamics analysis
  • quenching simulation for landing gear parts and other aluminum castings