The Isolated Base Plate allows for an easy set-up and mounting of the unit under test, the dynamometer, and additional testbed equipment and...

Fast set and reliably controlled

AVL ConsysAir

Intake air conditioning

The precise adherence to predefined values for intake air temperature, humidity and pressure significantly improves the stability of the engine`s...

Coolant conditioning

AVL ConsysCool

An intermediate circuit conditioning unit for a variety of coolant media

The coolant conditioning unit AVL ConsysCool is used to bring the engine coolant to a freely definable temperature and to keep it within tight...
Stands and Supports ensure a quick installation of the dynamometers and unit under tests on the isolated base plate.

Best quality and highest efficiency

AVL ConsysBoost

Boost air conditioning

AVL offers two standard sizes of the AVL ConsysBoost for precise boost air conditioning with an industrial air/water heat exchanger.
Test beds in the automotive industry are relatively rough environments where I/O systems are subjected to heat, vibration, fumes and EM radiation....

A robust and reliable design

AVL Conditioning Systems

Simulate real and extreme conditions with best reproducibility

AVL Media Conditioning Systems are responsible for exact adherence of controllable parameters of the engine‘s combustion air, coolant and oil, thus...
A digital measurement box for the acquisition of eight independent pressure signals for automotive engine and powertrain testing.
This snap-in unit provides exact acquisition of 12 independent pressure signals in the field of automotive engine and powertrain testing.
Besides intelligent measuring technique and automation, the mechanical automation of testbeds can increase productivity by minimizing the setup and...

Qualify your engine test lab


Taking co-simulation on the engine testbed to the next level

The Virtual Vehicle Engine Testbed (VVETB) is designed to enable the engineer to observe the engine under its real cyclic behavior where at the...
The AVL CANLOAD pneumatic unit is designed for all standard applications based on butane/nitrogen or fuel vapor handling. It provides all required...