Reliable service partnerships

AVL Managed Service Contracts

Tailored Service packages for optimal support of the customer’s in-use phase

AVL Managed Service Contracts are long-term service partnerships, tailored to your individual needs and your specific testing environment. Their overall objective is to help you reach the highest levels of testing productivity and optimize your return on investment (ROI) of the testing equipment.

Our Managed Service Contracts are:

  • AVL Resident Services
  • AVL Turnkey Services
  • AVL Modernization Projects

Managed Service Contracts address a range of objectives during the in-use phase of a test system or equipment. These are:

  • Use of the right product or system for a specific need
  • Efficient testing and test facility operations
  • Profitability across the testing value chain
  • Staying on top and ahead of required changes (e.g. technology driven)
  • Enhance your own expertise with our specialist know-how

The tailoring of Managed Service Contracts ensures:

  • Optimized in-house structure through cooperation with outsourcing partners (allowing the customer to focus on their core competence)
  • Financial flexibility by converting investments into operational budgets
  • Cost predictability and budget security thanks to defined cost and flat fee services
  • The balancing of capacity fluctuations and compensation for loss of skills
  • Overall productivity and quality improvements

Products & Services

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Load Systems for E-Drive Testing

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Bundling multiple tools in a seamless toolchain

AVL Maestra®

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The ease of automation


Testbed Automation Platform

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