AVL ConsysCool


The coolant conditioning unit AVL ConsysCool is used to bring the engine coolant to a freely definable temperature and to keep it within tight limits. A coolant pressure control is optionally available.

AVL Approach

The total range of ConsysCool fulfills the requirements on nearly all engine tests. The AVL ConsysCool supports research engineers in end-of-line tests, single cylinder research engines and high dynamic applications for race car engines.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Stainless steel tubing avoids dissociation of rust particles and guarantees long time value
  • Excellent control accuracy and dynamics for various applications
  • Easy to use visualization software, integrated in PUMA Open automation. This Graphical User Interface (GUI) with an interactive flow diagram allows a user friendly handling and monitoring of all active control components.
  • Faster control response due to a primary controlled media circuit (coolant) compared to a secondary (cooling water) controlled device
  • Fast installation/setup time due to the 'plug & play' function. The configuration of the connected unit is automatically identified by the PUMA automation
  • Minimized commissioning time due to simple configuration and parameterization of controllers by using preset basic parameters
  • One unit for a wide application range


The coolant conditioning unit AVL ConsyCool can be used as an intermediate circuit conditioning unit for oil and boost air conditioning, as it is very frequently applied in conjunction with pallet systems. A special addition to the AVL ConsysCool allows for the simulation of dynamic temperature profiles on engine testbeds.

Technical Data




CC-200, CCS-200, CC-450, CCS-450

Max. cooling capacity

450 kW

Advanced1 cooling capacity

700 kW

Typical application

In a wide range of designs for virtually any application on engine testbeds from pre-development up to racing applications

Standard control range

Temperature and accuracy

70 to 125°C +/- 0.7°C

Stationary at entrance engine

Advanced1 control range

Temperature and accuracy

-30 to 150°C +/- 1°C

Stationary at entrance engine

Adjustment time temperature

< 3 min

Standard control range

Pressure and accuracy

0 to 1.3 bar +/- 0,1
bar system pressure

0.1 to 0.4 bar +/- 0,1
bar pump pressure

Advanced1 control range

Pressure and accuracy

0 to 6 bar +/- 0,1
bar system pressure

0.1 to 0.8 bar +/- 0,1
bar pump pressure

Adjustment time pressure

< 2 min

Standard flow rate range

50 to 550 l/min

Advanced1 flow rate range

50 to 1000 l/min


Starts with  700 x 330 x 644 mm

(L x W x H)


Starts with 75 kg

1Advanced = options or modifications

Control Principle

The requested coolant temperature is maintained by a combined primary (coolant) and secondary (cooling water) controlled circuit. The installed electrical heating improves the dynamic behavior of the device.

In addition to the temperature control the coolant system pressure and the supply/return pressure to the engine can be controlled (radiator simulation).


Beside the standard temperature range, AVL can also offer modified units for climatic test beds down to -40°C.